Table of Contents

Digital Recording Technology in the Writing Classroom: Sampling as Citing
W. Keith Duffy, Pennsylvania State University, Capital College

How Will We Write? A Report from the National College Media Convention
Jeff Jeske, Guilford College

Situated Writing Lessons: Putting Writing Advice in Disciplinary Context
Martha Patton, University of Missouri, Columbia

“We’re Just Kidding”: Sexual Obscenities in Classroom Chat and Teaching about Audience
Christyne Berzsenyi, Pennsylvania State University at Wilkes-Barre

Critical Discourse Analysis and Academic Literacies: My Encounters With Student Writing
Ron Christiansen, Salt Lake Community College

“It just sort of evolved”: Negotiating Group Identity among Writers
Teresa Bruckner, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Learning To Love the Code: HTML as a Tool in the Writing Classroom
Margaret Batschelet, University of Texas at San Antonio


GPSWriting and TacticalWriting
David Rieder, North Carolina State


Review of Teaching Composition as a Social Process (McComiskey)
Stanley Harrison, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth