Table of Contents

Featured Hypertext

The Shaping Force of Electronic Texts and Journals on Our Professional Work
Victor J. Vitanza, Clemson University


Revisiting A Short History of Writing Instruction
James J. Murphy, editor. University of California, Davis



Absolut Writing
David Rieder, University of Texas at Arlington


A Reading from The Book of Academics: Or, A Creation Story
Debrah Huffman, Erin Karper, and Julie Staggers

Featured Topic: The Future of Writing Instruction


Hyperwriting: A New Process Model
Jean Mason, University of Toronto


Composition's Professionalism vs. the Writing Center Director: Rethinking the Director as a Teacher
Stephen A. Ferruci, Pennsylvania State University, Erie

Teaching at the Crossroads: Choices and Challenges in College Composition
Barbara Gleason, City University of New York


Memories of a Writing Teacher: Vague, Fragmented, and Maybe a Little Muddled
Janet Alsup, Purdue University

The Would-Be Mentor as Writing Instructor
Doug Downs, University of Utah

The Power of Ick; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Teaching
David Gold, University of Texas at Austin

A More Critical Self
Rochelle Harris, University of Nebraska, Lincoln


Seeing and Writing by Donald and Christine McQuade
Piotr Gwiazda, Fashion Institute of Technology